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anyone got some streaming hardware (or even vendor) recommendations?

want to stream video from conferences so that non-attendees can still see what's happening.

big client, so has to be 100% shipshape.


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Sony Anycast is the best solution if budget will allow. You can vision mix up to six feeds in realtime, mix audio, record to HD or tape and also stream directly from the unit. We were considering this unit for some of our temporary studio configurations as it will also enable OB quite easily.


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Tandberg make some nice v/c kit , built to stream using h323 , over cat5 , 384k looks good 768k looks amazing.

box has fixed ip address when streamimg is enabled , and anyone with quicktime or realplayer can watch ( but not capture the stream ).

you can feed it anything via svideo/dvi/composite and audio via xlr/phono.

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Vbrick is a good solution they have Mpeg 2, 4 and windows media devices all depening on your bandwith requirements. Very easy to setup, very realiable, good price point.

Give the sales team at Techex a call for more info or a demo.

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thanks all, will look into it