suggested computer specs for Avid 7.2 Window 7, also compatible for potential migration to Media Composer

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Joined: Aug 27 2013
For many years, based in Spain, I've successfully used the following system to edit with Avid 7.2:
Intel(R) Core TM(2) CPU 6300 @1.86 GHz with 3GB of RAM, 2 internal HD, LG BR burner, Window XP profess. and nVidia Quadro FX580
The system almost fully meets my editing (also HD) requirements  and I do not feel the need to switch to Media Composer at this stage.
Faster rendering, the feasibility to import/edit files of formats unaccepted by Avid 7.2, like mP4, and the extra advantage to see on an external monitor (and not only on the editing screen) HD edited footage, would obviously be welcome.
By checking  "" you  can have an idea of my sort of editing.
From Oct. this year however, I plan to spend more time in UK (shuttling from Spain) and would like to basically duplicate my editing system .
It would however make sense to me to upgrade to a new hardware capable of working with my Avid 7.2 (with Window 7) and also capable of handling Media Composer, should I decide to switch in the future.
I would therefore appreciate to receive comments and/or suggestions
Thank you