Sync. Audio prob. AV Master MSPro6.

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I seem to be seeing several members placing queries with regard to MSPro. 6. & Audio sync. Problems. I’ve just upgraded from 5.2 to V6.0, but retained older versions on the hard drive…..[Just in case!] Set up is AMD Athlone 600. Fast AV Master, with the latest Fast/Dazzle driver patches installed for Power Play review. Latest MSPro. Patches also installed.

Project settings :-

PAL (25 fps)
Field Order A
Overlay track(s):3
Microsoft AVI Files
24 Bits, 768 x 576, 25 fps
FAST AV Master MJPEG Codec (32)
Interleave audio for every 1 frames
75% Quality
44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo PCM
Packed Audio data every 1 Frame

Every time I make alterations to my edite on the time line, then render, followed by power play preview, the audio sync. Appears to vary, very slightly. More puzzling: I have allowed the sound track to exceed the visual by about 4 secs, on the overall end of the project, prior to fading out to finish the audio track & the project. When rendered & previewed the sound track fades & cuts about 2 – 3 secs prior to the end visual titles. In short I’m not getting matching audio sync to audio track visual?????? Very weird. I have been using MSPro. For several years now, version 5.0 to 5.2 & now 6.0. I wonder if this audio problem relates to the fact that MSPro 6. does seem to be developed with a bias toward digital requirements [understandably], & that perhaps there is a genuine problem in getting this version to work flawless using audio settings:-

Interleave audio for every 1 frames.
44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo PCM
Packed Audio data every 1 Frame

Have any other users of AV Master & MSPro. Experienced similar problems, or is my experience unique?

Replies please to “Uncle Bob Crabtree”, written on the back of £100 Argos Christmas Vouchers……… wish Robert!

Seriously, any comments gratefully received.

Brian [magiclantern]] Glanville.

Brian Glanville

Brian Glanville

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I am moving this topic to the AV Master forum, so that other AV Master users will be able to find there.

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