Techniques - or lack of them

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tom hardwick
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I've just put a teeth-clentching rant about the non-existant movie making techniques employed by the BBC over in the "Wedding and Events" section of this board. What do you guys think?


Alan Roberts
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Good points, Tom. I haven't seen the offending programme but I know the effects. I've added to the thread.

A couple of months ago, I went to Mark Glanville's school and did an HDTV presentation with Andy Quested (BBC Head of HD Policy, I think that's what they call him now). They showed us some of the stuff the kids are producing there. I was impressed, very much so. They showed flair and skill, both technically and inventively. The future's not as bleak as it looks, when these kids get out and into the industry, they'll make their mark and you'll see what I mean.

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Thank God!

Same As It Ever Was! :(

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I'm watchcing 'The Power of nightmares' on BBC2 atm and it is hideous...

Most of the (non-archive) interviews appear to be shot on a DV Camcorder (probably a PD150 or VX2000) without any thought. No attempt at lighting or even white balance.

One shot had the subject in front of the only light source in the room (a window).

The only plus side is that they haven't cropped it to 16:9 and filmised it all...