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Adobe Title Designer

I'm using a DVC ststem with Prem6.5 and a Matrox RTX 100

Some one has asked me for a "war Game" style series of captions. Sort of Hunt for Red October/ army advert in style, probably black background with greeen text, teleprinter in the way that it comes on one letter at a time.

Any cheats?? I can type the whole thing and delete it letter by letter but it'll take ages

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i would say you need after effects or title decko pro for something like this

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Or access to a Mac with Final Cut Express/Pro - called Typewriter...

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One of my little secrets for wicked title effects(typewriter, explosions, etc)
There is a text fx program out there called "Swish" it is mainly used for flash websites.
You can create a document size (pal) and set the correct frame rate, you can also select a image for the background (if you wish)
You type in your text and then select one of the many preset FX's (which you can tweak).
When happy you can export it as a ".avi"
If you want to have the text on a video background then you have 2 choices.
1. Set the backgound colour to a solid so that you can key it out.
2. (my choice) Do 2 versions of the titles. 1 with the text the colour that you want it to be, and the 2nd in white text on a solid black background, you will use the black and white version as a track matte (Premiere or After FX)
and overlay it onto the background video you want to use.

It doesn't take to long and the quality is good.
Hope that this is clear enough.


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Thanks all,

i've talked them out of it due to time