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3 things i want to do but have no idea how:

1. Put one of those clocks in front of our video and show a lot of time going by....

2. Make glasses dissapear off my head, make new ones appear, make earings appear, make them dissapear etc..

3. Put ourselves in cool backgrounds, but do not know how and where to find the backgrounds.

I am using ulead.

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1. There are a few methods of showing the passing of time:

Take a short piece of video of a clock running, then advance the hands by an appropriate amount of time and video the clock again, ensuring the clock and camera are in exactly the same position, this can be repeated as necessary.
Then take each small clip of the clock at its various times and crossfade from clip to clip.

Using a normal clock, simply record a long time and use your editing program to change the speed/duration of the clip.

Use a normal mechanical clock with the governor removed, which will certainly speed up the hands!!

2. Not as easy as it seems if you do not want it to look too jerky.

You could try taking separate before and after shots with the camera locked in position, then use a quick transition or fade when editing. Although you would have to be in exactly the same position to achieve an even transition. It's much easier to make inanimate objects appear/disappear.

3. Chroma Keying.

Video yourselves against a plain colour background, normally blue or green. This has to be evenly lit and you have to ensure that you are not wearing or the set does not contain the same colour.
Then the background colour can be removed by the editor and then you can be superimposed onto any other video clip as so desired.

As for where you obtain these clips, then thats up to you, lots of the video magazines give royalty free short clips right up to the video libraries which will obviously cost lots of pennies.

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