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The Duke
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Hi All

I am about to do a shoot at an airfield and I want to capture the day from start to finish i.e early morning when no one is there to when it is very busy and right through to when the place empties. I would like to show this on screen using a time lapse effect.

Does anyone know how to achieve this or is ther any software out there that can perform this effect?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The Duke

tom hardwick
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The camera you now have may have an intervalometer already built in. The Sony range have this though the number of frames taken every time it switches on is at least 5. If I were doing it I'd leave the exposure on auto but lock the white balance off on the daylight setting, and later in the NLE programme use one frame (or maybe two) from each outburst.


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A proper 1 frame per 15sec/30sec setting on a camera such as the one I mentioned in an earlier poat will save you hours and hours of film/edit/hanging around time. Set it up with adequete power/weather shields - then enjoy your day!

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I may be interpreting your question wrongly but are you actually saying you intend to shoot constantly for x hours and then create a time lapse effect after the event? If so that is obviously very different to time lapse capture such as may be used in security cameras etc.



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The Duke
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Hi There

Thanks for the info guys. In response to your question Keith yes I will be mounting my cameras up on top of an old conning tower and letting it run all day. It will have mains power and weather protection, all I need to do is return to change tapes. I then hope to create the time lapse efect in post.

Kind Regards

The Duke