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I've been having a ball using WinDV (recommended in another forum for general purpose DV capturing) - using the capture every nth frame option. I used this to actually record myself sleeping for 8 hours compressed to half an hour to help diagnose sleeping issues, and also sunsets and myself vacuuming the house around my wife which I will edit in Benny Hill's theme tune for a bit of fun.

Has anyone else experimented with time lapse video? I'm using the cheapest possible camcorder I could find plugged in via firewire and set to record mode to feed in a live stream to the computer to be captured.

I'm impressed it even captures sound (at I presume 1/25th of a second at at time).

I will order a bright infra-red light for night vision as well. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this.

I also suspect I can feed the live stream to a central PC via wireless from a laptop connected to the camera to be compressed in real time to say XVid format at high compression so I can collect significant amounts of time lapse footage.

I suppose this is what security cameras do, but it's fun to do it myself.

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a few thoughts

1. compress in realtime to xvid ( would need to be single pass ) and as such lacking in the quality available in 2-pass.

2. there are firewire ''webcams'' that should allow you to do this , or even a newer usb2 hi-res webcam.

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