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I was reading the earlier post on high speed filming (ie slo-mo). However I'm more interested in timelapse techniques.

I have used a couple of methods in the past on film and video but I am now looking for a new DV camera that can do timelapse properly.

The methods I have tried so far include:

16mm Bolex - hand operated click once per frame - OK for short sections of speeded up motion but hard to keep a regular speed, and expensive

super8 - my old super8 camera has got a handy timelapse setting that will adjust from ~8fps to 1fpminute.

Hi8 - film as normal but when capturing on my Marvel just set it to capture at 1fps. Easy but you end up using hours of tape for a short section.

What I want to find is a DV Camera that you can set to capture at between 1fps and 1fpmin and just leave it for a few hours on a tripod.

Any comments would be appriciated.


Phil Becque
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The VX9000 by SONY has this feature, I've tried it and it works fine. I think the VX1000 has this as well but check that out. You can hire either of these for about 50 quid per day for the VX1000 and double that for VX9000.

Best regards. Phil

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No Consumer Tape Based camera will be able to do true TimeLapse. The DCR vx9000, vx1000 and Trv-900 can do timelapse but will only recorded 0.5 of a second at a minimun of 30 secong intervals. I have used this and the results are not as good as using the computer to record 1 frame At Want ever Interval You Like. As you can recorded on to tape again and agian then it should not be a problem of wasting tape.