Toshiba external hard drive problem

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David L Lewis
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Ive got an external 300gb toshiba usb hard drive which I use to store music and video files and back ups of some of my data. Just recently its started to take ages to actualy start up.

The power light comes on but it doesnt seem to start rotating i. its very silent but then after about half an hour of ignoring it it sudenly starts to work and I get the sual ping on the PC to say that its been detected. Its probably letting me know its on the way out. But any ideas whats causing it to behave like it is?

David L Lewis

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1. try a different USB2 port
2. if it's still as bad ....... might be time to backup data , and if under warranty get it looked at

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The clue is in your question David, Toshiba, have they ever made anything that works, totally rubbish company who make rubbish products in my opinion.

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