Toubles with install AV master on Win2000

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Hello, I have bought a new PC and I try to install there AV Master. I have tried already with Win98SE, but I was not able to set a separate IRQ for AV Master. Now I am trying to procced with Win2000. I set this "Standart PC" and then I managed to get this "Multimedia device - AV Master" on separate IRQ. Next I tried to load driver for AV Master. But I was not able to load drivers and get them working. When I try to load "AV Master kernel" it uploads and then it requests from me to set IRQ and "Base memory adress". And this is where I stuck. All the time I try to assign any of IRQ and "Base memory" from offered list, it fails and there appears a message "Driver could not be loaded, because there is no AV Master installed" (or something similar to this text). Please HELP!!! - I dont know what I do wrong. Could someone, who got AV Master to work on Win2000, give me any advice, or please can you send me to my e-mail step by step instruction, how to proceed. I am already running out of ideas, and my knowledge of Win2000 is small as well. But still I believe that there must exist some way to get it working on my computer. (ASUS P4P800, P4 2.4, 512 MB RAM, 3 HDD)

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There is plenty of info on this on my site at