TRV900 from Pal to NTSC

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Fred Greissing
Joined: Jan 17 2001

Does anyone know where I can find the codes for turning a TRV900 from PAL to NTSC.
I have done it on a VX 9000 and a PC 7.



tom hardwick
Joined: Apr 8 1999

You have a TRV900E Fred? The camera will certainly replay NTSC Mini DV tapes but I doubt will ever be converted to record in that format.

I may be wrong but the camera would have to shoot 29,97 fps (as against 25), it would have to record 480 picture lines (as against 576) and the colour encoding would have to be 4:1:1 as against 4:2:0.

Not easily surmountable problems I'd think, yet you say your PC1 was converted? tell me more.