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David Geeil
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Can anyone give any info on a technique i often see on the Sky coverage of the Premiereship football.

They show the club crest spinning, the club crest is also 3D so if it were Arsenal the cannor gun would look as if it had depth.

can any one give helpon how this can be done.

a little of topic but maybe it would be able to be applied to movie making.

daiv Geeil

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TV Studios and Post Production suites have what is known as a 'Down Stream Key', which can be used to put superimpositions over the final output of the suite.
How we do it in NLE terms is to use the Picture-in-Picture effect in your editing program to superimpose your graphics over one corner of your timeline. If the graphic or movie your are superimposing has a alpha-channel (or chroma-key background) then you can key out the rectangular background, leaving an irregularly shaped logo or whatever.
To create a Football Club animated crest you would either:
Use a 3D creation program to make a model of the crest, and render out an alpha channel movie of it rotating or whatever, or
Use a program like Canoma (there are others) which allows you to make a 3D model from photographs of an object, and then make a fly-thru movie around the object.

Then either of these movies would be scaled down, and PiP'ed over your movie (a long render if you dont have RT PiP)

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If you're using After Effects there are a variety of plug-ins which will take a 2d image and extrude it to a 3D solid, which can then be moved about as requied.

Same thing can also be done in Uleads 3D Studio (less than £100)


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