Two Asus Questions

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I may need to use the recovery CD to cure a problem BUT
Can anyone please advise how to rearrange the boot order in the BIOS. (Pioneer first).
The present boot orde:
(1) Maxtor hard drive
(2) Pioneer optical drive.
The Maxtor drive menu does not include the optical drive
The Pioneer optical drive menu does not include the Maxtor hard disc drive..

Problem two:
In Outlook Express the delete key faile to delete text. The backspace key - no problem.
The delete key does delete elseware. Only fails in Outlook Express.
If delete key is pressed - now produces dots (Full stops - Outlook Exoress only)).

Motherboard: ASUS A7V333. XP Home.


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Not sure of the workings of a recovery disc.

When computer is booted and displays desktop, then reovery disc used, a message is displays "The present operating system is later than on the disc". Then told to reboot and boot from recovery disc.
Not possible as the boot order cannot be changed. Windows results, not recovery disc.

If all Microsoft updates are deleted, would an install be possible from recovery disc?


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1. many pc's have a specific key to allow one time alteration of boot order.
message should show on screen on boot , or try F12

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Emailed ASUS yesterday. Reply today:

"Press Enter when select 1st boot device you want, then press F10, save & exit.
For booting from DVD-ROM, you can Press F8 key during bootup, then select DVD-ROM".

This solved the problem It's uite similar to your post Gary, Thank you.

One difference in menu of boot order
Original optical drive was a burner. Now changed to DVD-ROM (Non burner).


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there is also a F button to select the boot drive for the odd temp solution when C:/drive is not required, mine is F8, same key that gets allows you to get windows in a different boot mpde, e.g. safe mode.