Two camera shooting and timecode

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Phil Becque
Joined: Aug 3 1999

I'm planning a two camera shoot of dialogue
between two people sitting outdoors.
I need 2 cams cos I want to get the real
reactions not pretend ones after the event.
Both cams will be DV: a SONY and a PANY.
I'm editing in PREMIERE_5.1 with a DV300.

Will I be able sync the captured video by
using the timecode on each stream? Or should
I use a timecode generator and put that on
a spare audio track?

Any other advice from anyone who has done
this before??

Many thanks. Phil

Alan Roberts at work
Joined: May 6 1999

I did this for a one hour shoot last year, using two Sonys. We didn't bother to try copying time code and had little trouble keeping in sync in the edit. One camera was recorded wide shots and two separate mics, the other was "wild" and recorded incidental sound through the built-in mics.

Keeping sync was easy once I got used to it. Master sound came from the first camera for mixing (I was using Avid then), but each time I needed a shot from the other camera, I dropped in just the video but dropped the sound onto an extra track. If sync was important for that shot, I played the sound through the edit and listened for "echos". It was a simple task to slide the insert shot until the echo went away, then delete the extra sound. I got very slick at it after a day or so.

Hope that helps.