UK Freelance Videographers required (again)

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Some of you may remember that I posted a similar ad back in 2009 (different account, different email) and was quite successful in gaining a good amount of highly skilled and experienced Videographers.  I am now looking to gain more as obviously technology has moved on, video is more popular and our products at Yell have evolved and continue to do so.  We have a UK Network which we are looking to expand now as the product we are offering to our customer is changing.  Currently, we send a job to a Freelancer, who will visit the customer and shoot for up to 3 Hours and then send the footage in to us, where our in-house Editors put together a single video, add voice over etc.  We have increasingly had requests for multiple videos, instead of the standard Promo and makes sense to utilise the footage more if possible.  What we are looking to do is to offer our customers a set of 3 videos, could be Product or Service specific or a combination of these with say a Testimonial as a separate video.  From these 3 videos, we then pull sequences to create a Promo as well.

We were paying £150+vat for up to 3 hours, just for filming, we are now changing this to the more traditional 1/2 day shoot (Up to 4 Hours) and paying £250+VAT.  This is just for filming as our internal Editors will continue.  So, if you haven't already worked with us and based in the UK, then please let me know either by email or telephone.  Some examples of your work and a kit-list would be helpful.


James Morden

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Re: UK Freelance Videographers required (again)

Following the original advert, I applied & did around 19 assignments until I fell foul of some politically correct jobsworth connected to Yell!

I had gone on a job in Exeter & as I got out of my car, my zip on my trousers broke, quite an embarasment! I asked a young lad for a safety pin which he duly found for me. Later, whilst talking to him, I admired his trouser belt which was similar to my own but a different colour & I asked him where he had bought it.

I had also been told by Yell that I was free to offer any services not provided by Yell to the client that I could provide as an individual supplier and so I gave them my card!

A few days later I was dropped by Yell, so beware the jobsworths, I later found out that unknown to me, a local manager was on the site!

Barry Hunter