Ulead Media Studio Pro Question

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Using Ulead Media Studio Pro, Have built Timeline and I have included some scanned still photo's which I feel may be the culprit. They were scanned Jpeg and I converted them to avi files. Everything seems fine until I come to create video file and it doesn't save and i have message like 'several arguments invalid' What can I do. Anyone any ideas please?

Gary Hendricks

peter furlong
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I just checked on MSP 6.5 and mixed a jpeg. with some video footage (avi.) and it created the video file OK. So obvious move would be to put your original scanned images into the timeline as jpegs.

If this not possible you might be able to convert your 'were jpegs/now avi' files back into jpeg. or bmp. files using the video capture module. Hope this helps. Peter F.