Ulead's Cool 3D (V.2) - Simple Tasks ?

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I can make titles in Cool 3D do weird and wonderful things - but I can't find a way to do something which should be simple. Can anyone help ?
I want to make a STATIC title on a TRANSPARENT background (I can then use it as an overlay in Media Studio 6 Video Editor) and have the words of the title fade in and then fade out. A useful addition would be to add a fading-in sub-title to the main title after 2 or 3 secs, then have the whole title fade out.
Cool 3D's help files didn't; I can't find how to create a static title transparent background; and how do I get the fade-in and fade-out ? I thought I might do it in Media Studio Video Editor - but the transitions and effects can't be used on an overlay track. HORACE



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Create the title in Cool3d using (say) black as the background (assuming there is no black in your title). Put it into Video Editor and luminance key the title over your chosen background. Make a rendered file of this and then put this composite back on the timeline (Va) with a 'clean' background on Vb and use Cross Dissolves to make the title fade in and out. For the fading sub-titles use the same technique but with extra composites.

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I think you can also save the rendered file as a tiff image with a alpha channel. You can then import that into MSP6.I think there is a tutorial on this on the cool3d website.

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Try this...

After making your title, either animation or still, click FILE - CREATE IMAGE - TGA FILE Save as TGA, Save as image sequence option and the Transparent background option, click the save button and the animation is saved with an alpha channel blocking all but your 3d text. In the video editor load the sequence into an overlay track and then key out the alpha channel... Voila transparent background