Ultimatte and Green/Blue screens

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Mark Jones
Joined: Oct 25 2000

Hi, has anyone used Ultimatte? I gather it has a strong reputation but seems hellishly expensive. I have a client project in the next couple of weeks and although low budget, i need to make sure the chromakey/matting is very good, albeit the end product is a CD ROM with a small insert screen. I'm ready to do the usual greenscreen with strong flat lighting, back-lit presenters etc but am curious whether Ultimatte is worth the extra outlay? It seems to work in a completely different way by using a reference of the background to subtract from the foreground (OK may not be that exactly but it starts with 2 signals rather than trying to extract a colour out of one) BUT They're asking $1,500 for it!

Any observations/experiences most welcome.

Cheers, Mark

Joined: Jul 13 2001

At my site is a small tutorial on making a good Blue/Green screan with Ulead MSP.
You might want to take a look at it before getting Ultimate/Primate