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Michael Wade
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I want to place a video clip on video.google.com
The clip is presently on my Premiere 6.5 timeline as a Premiere Project. How can I get it from there into the MPEG4/MP3 format which google prefers
Cheers !

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1. export timeline as dv avi
2. download autogk ( autogordianknot ) using google to find local mirror , and install it.
3. convert dv avi to a xvid avi.
4. upload that avi to google video.

Gary MacKenzie

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Michael Wade
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That was quick. Thanks Gary.

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Another easy option is to download Media Encoder free from the Microsoft website and make a WMV file. Google Video handles them just fine.


It's also pretty good for streaming across the net, I use it on my website here:


tom hardwick
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In Premiere 6.5, if you go: file/ export timeline / Advanced Windows Media, don't you get a huge choice of compressions for your timeline? They're probably Advanced Windows Media 8 and it's now at version 9, but I'm sure they'll be fine.


Michael Wade
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You are right Tom. I actually went there, did that. Used Windows Media Encoder and the results were not too bad.