*Urgent* help with small LCD display

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I have searched the web to try and find what I am looking for - but to no avail, so thought I'd try to draw on your vast knowledge.

I have an exhibition on. one of the video pieces I want to show on a wall-mountable flat screen monitor BUT I would like a very small size anywhere between 7" and 10/11" maximum.

I want to play from a DVD player or DV player and need a headphones socket.

I had the idea of using one of those camera mountable displays - but don't know if this would work or where to purchase them.

This is one of the main issues really - where do you find such things? I'm not sure that most consumer products look right since ideally I need a plain black frame to the screen, hopefully without much branding or other mess.

My ideal is something that looks like this:

- they only sell by container load so no use!

I would be really very grateful for your help as I'm on quite a tight schedule.

I am based in the South-West of the UK.

many thanks,


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Hannah, I have one you can use, 16 x 9 widescreen. I am also in the South west. Send pm.

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somewhere like Costco or Halfords would do you a pair of smaller monitors and a DVD player all in for about £200.

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This any good?


We've bought a lot of kit from these people and found them reliable.

Studio with green screen for hire near Gatwick Airport.
Kit hire facilities on site.