Use of JVC DV1 & Ferguson FV98HVX Sensar

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Doug Brown
Joined: Apr 26 1999

Can anybody help please. I am using a JVC DV1 Camera with the CU-V708E Docking Unit and a Ferguson FV98HVX Sensar VCR and the JVC JLIP software and connection unit. The problem is that the pause lead from the docking unit doesn't seem to work with the VCR; either with the JLIP or direct using the inbuilt editing system of the camera. Are these two machines incompatible or do I have a faulty docking unit? I have checked the lead for continuity and it seems OK.

I set everything up acording to the instructions and set the VCR to Record Pause hit the edit key on the docking unit and start recording but the VCR stays on Record Pause.

Any help gratefully received,