Using 4:3 archive footage in a 16:9 production

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Chris Lovell
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I am working on a documentary which was shot in true 16:9 (we were kindly leant a DSR500 for the shoot) We are completing the edit in 16:9, with a view to eventual broadcast sales. We need to include some archive 4:3 camcorder footage and would welcome some advice about the best approach. If we just include some 4:3 footage, then we'll get 'vertical letterboxes'. If we crop the image to get 16:9, the resolution will be dire - we're starting off with 2nd generation VHS camcorder stuff to begin with. Anyone have any creative ideas?

Chris Lovell

tom hardwick
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I'd keep the original stuff in 4:3 and accept the black bars L & R. Or have them as grey bars or multicoloured bars or hanging curtains or kaleiderscopic moving patterns.

But keep the 4:3 undistorted and at it's highest resolution I'd say.


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I agree; I've seen this done on a couple of DVD 'making of' documentaries which were mostly shot in 16:9 but include some 4:3 footage with black bars left and right... it looks fine to me.

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I've seen that done in movies too. Consider From Dusk Till Dawn - while the movie itself was presented widescreen, all the 'TV news reports' were shown as 4:3 images with black bars left and right.