Using "big names" in corporate videos

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OK, this is hypothetical, really, but I expect the answers could be interesting.

Suppose your client wanted a reasonably big name to present their corporate video - I'm thinking along the lines of somebody like Carole Smillie or Peter Purves, rather than A-list celebrities who would probably not be interested. How would you go about securing their services? Where would you find out who their agent was? What kind of price would they ask and how much commission would you take for negotiating their services?

As I say, just idle curiosity, I suppose, but I'd be interested to hear if anybody has had any experience of this.

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You could send an email courtesy of whatever tv show they are doing today.

There was a book , yearly , called who's who on tv , had a list of all stars 'agent'. appears to have access to a few stars

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The first question is "Do you need the celebs voice only or actual personage?" Next What is the product or service he / she would be endorsing?

let's assume you need personage and it's a favourable product / service, then I would approach their agent with a fully worked out plan as to why this celeb had to be associated with the project.

If its voiceover work then there are a miriad of people who provide that service, in fact I'm sure I've seen a thread on this board about it??

Failing all that kidnap and ransom may work??? ;-)


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Had a client who wanted to use Jeremy Clarkson about 4 years ago, got in contact via a web search and found his agent, JC wanted £22K for "in vision" and £18k just for voice, client then asked for Nick Ross, Nick wanted £5k for either in vision or just V/O, client then went bust and we never heard from them again!

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You need the spotlight, this is the usual industry reference.

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Like Dave says, "celebs" ask the earth. Typical fee is upwards of £3000 per day (often a lot more), and there will be all sorts of restrictions on endorsing a product. If the presenter is contracted to BBC, the restrctions will be more acute - BBC staff, such as newsreaders, are not generally allowed to endorse products, and are not allowed to appear in anything that may be in conflict with their status at BBC.
We try to avoid agents where we can, because,, in my opinion, they are just a money-making machine.
Depending on the job, you may find that you can get a good rate from a regional news presenter - ring the newsroom of the station concerned. We have worked with several, and always had good results.

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I did a job using Angus Dayton recently, his fee was 30k :) But IMHO worth every penny :D