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well i have recently got vegas 8 pro and adobe premiere and i find that vegas is a lot quicker to run and edit as i go than premiere and the leraning curve although steep is a little easier to get to grips with. my pc which i built myself has a decent spec and the gfx card will shortly be upgraded.

but a good base system i have found is

amd phenom 6000 dual core cpu
2 gig of premium matched ram ddr2
64 bit motherboard from as-rock, i will be switching to a newer as-rock or gigabyte shortly with nvidia based chipset that will compliment the new high end nvidia gfx card
and a full set of sata drives for individual tasking and scratch discs

im usung a 22" widescreen for editing and will also have a bigger 42" shortly

im going to build another phenom based pc with a higher spec ram and gfx card for renders and network the systems together and treat the new pc as a node and master preview system.

im quite lucky as i run my own little computer business so i can treat myself occasionally to upgrades.

however i have been looking atthe matrox cards and i may invest in a card, which is the best card for editing use and multi screens? any suggestions?

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well, as long as you know the matrox card will only benefit premiere.

someone else will be able to point you in the right direction


Gavin Gration
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Axio are the best current Matrox cards. I think you can an LE version and install yourself. The full Axio cards are (or at least were) turnkey only.

The RT.X2 is a cut down Axio and does RT DV and HDV editing. You need to check the Matrox website for compatability - especially for AMD/Nvidia boards.

I'd recommend you look at Decklink's offerings - very stable, lots of regular updates and not a lot of money. They don't do real-time DVEs/encoding like Matrox or Canopus but they do support Premiere and (to some extent) Sony Vegas.

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There's two benefits upgraded graphics cards can bring to editing, 1) hardware acceleration (full quality full resolution previews when editing certain formats like DV) and 2) Multi-monitor support.

1) will only work with certain editing software
2) will be of all round benefit and works with pretty much all of the software