Vegas Pro Help please

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Hey, guys just looking for some help and I'm not sure if this is the forum to use.
Well, I am making a football montage.
I slide the M-PEG 4 Videos into the timeline and the first one works out fine.
The ones with the quicktime icons won't work though, but are still M-PEG 4.
Remember, I just started using this a day ago and am new.
Thanks guys.

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You've found your answer really. The Quicktime ones are using a variant of MPEG 4, but they're in a different container.

Before you can get them into Vegas you might have to convert them to another format first (such as the lossless Huffy) using a tool like Virtual Dub.

Virtual Dub will use some installed codecs that Vegas ignores.

Z Cheema
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I found that some itunes would not work in V8 and this turned out to be because they were
protected and so Vegas would not open them, might be the same with the ones you are having problems with.

Super C will also convert for you (free)