Verbatim media for HP LightScribe burners that print to label side of discs

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Never having heard of LightScribe before, I might have thought this was a hoax but it comes from an impeccable source and, when you think about it, is rather an interesting idea!

Bob C
Verbatim media for HP LightScribe burners that print to label side of discs

7 January, 2005

Verbatim announce LightScribe Media

In another first for the pioneering company, Verbatim is announcing an agreement with Hewlett-Packard (HP) to produce and market LightScribe CD and DVD Media.

Verbatim's parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media has worked jointly with Hewlett-Packard (HP) to create the new discs to complement the development of LightScribe-enabled drives and software. HP announced the development of the LightScribe technology earlier this year.

LightScribe-equipped drives allow the same laser that burns the data onto the disc to also burn text and graphics onto the other (label) side of the same disc. This means that rather than have to write the contents onto the media by hand or use a separate direct-to-disc printer, or sticky labels, it's now possible to achieve silk-screen quality images using LightScribe-enabled Verbatim CD/DVD discs that are printed to by the optical drive's laser pickup.

The first generation discs from Verbatim, available in January 2005, will be monochrome and available as in packs of 10 CD-Rs and five DVD+Rs.

With the rollout of LightScribe-enabled computers due to begin in January 2005, and peripherals also featuring the technology set to follow, this year will see a transformation in the CD/DVD labelling marketplace. Of equal advantage to both the office and home user, CD and DVD libraries are set to benefit the world over.

To use this new technology, consumers need to have a LightScribe-enabled drive, media and software.

In this instance, seeing truly is believing.

About Verbatim:
Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media and provides information storage products, computer and imaging consumables and related accessories. Verbatim is currently the only company in the world that designs, develops and manufactures high performance, high quality CD-Recordable, CD-ReWritable, DVD-Recordable and DVD-ReWritable media products, a complete family of 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch MO media. The range also includes tapes, imaging products, digital devices and memory cards.

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