Video capture from my Panasonic NV-GS200

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Hi all,

I'm a new member here. I'm wanting to capture videofootages from my tape but is unable to do so. My video camera is the panasonic NV-GS200. Can anyone help me out here? What will I need to capture video from my camera? So far, I only tried connecting the camera to my PC using the USB cable that comes with the camera, but when I do that, I can only get the still pictures from the SD card and nothing from the tape.

My computer has the USB port and the S-video port.

Thank you for your time and your great help!:D


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USB is for stills / Firewire is for DV

I think you will find that the usb port is for stills or at most webstreaming from any modern dv camcorder.

To get dv off the camcorder you need to use a firewire connector.

Your camcorder definately has a firewire connection ( ieee1394 )

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