video editing with pictures question

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this is what i am trying to accomplish. i want to put my face in a video. simple as that. for example putting my face over the host's face in a survivor episode. seems pretty straight forward but i have yet to find software that lets me add anything other than text to a video. i would really appreciate any insight. thanks

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Do a search of this forum for blue screen effects or masked overlays. A lot will depend on the NLE package you have and the type of footage you hope to transplant your head to; if the footage pans and zooms then it will be very difficult.

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Without knowing what system you are using this is a difficult one.

This can be done, I do things like this in "Shake" on a Mac system and get nothing less than professional looking results.

Shake is quite an expensive programme (£2000, which is cheap in my opinion for what it does) and only runs on Mac.

If you are PC based (you don't say) then Discreet Combustion will do the job, I know this as I also have the programme on the Mac too, Combustion is also available for PC and has motion tracking almost as good as Shake's, thought it's chroma (green/blue) keying is not quite as good.

Not too sure about After FX production bundle, I had this programme about 4 years ago, but never used it for anything like what you want to achieve.

Remember that DV is pretty bad for any keying work as the in-camera codec throws away so much detail, detail that is very much needed for this kind of thing, it can be very difficult getting a decent key without artifacts and jaggies around the edges, even with feathering and other fine adjustments, it is still very obvious in my opinion.

Believe it or not, analogue camcorders do a much better job, although the resolution might not be as good as the best DV camcorders, footage shot on a Sony analogue BetaCam camcorder will give you far superior keying results than footage shot on a digital Sony DSR570.

Hope this is of some help.