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I m trying to convert a video shot on Sony PD150 PAL to a PC for TV Broadcast Documentary..

1.what should be the best system configuration PC.

2.Is firewire the best capturing option.. if yes.. which is the best firewire card.

pl help me

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1. Apple PowerMac G4 and Final Cut Pro 3
2. Yes. Built in.

(Well, you did ask!)

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Dear Nanu

1. Most modern PCs are more than capable of handling DV, just be sure you have enough disk space: DV is 5 mins per Gig, so work out how much footage you have, how much space that will take, then double it to account for preveiw files, etc.

2. Firewire is the best option in that it will not reduce the quality of the footage as it stands: it doesn't matter if you use a generic IEEE1394 card costing £15 or a top of the range card costing £1000- the extra costs give you extra features, but the data transfer is the same.

If you are submitting this for broadcast, try and get the finished edit dumped down to DigiBeta before you send it to QAR, there's still a lot of DV prejudice out there.
And also think very carefully how you're going to turn the two audio tracks of DV into 4 audio tracks that the broadcaster will want.