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I have just read the massive cut / fade thread and now realise just how much I don't know.

I realise I just cannot buy in the years of expereience ,knowledge and wisdom of the contributers in the above thread but wonder if anyone could recommend more than just a basic book which would help.
Thanks .John.

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Take a look at Focal Press <[url]>[/url]

Jim Bird
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Dave Currie a contributor to this forum, advised the "On Camera" book written by some knowledgeable BBC bloke, costing £14.00 .

Available from

Two monthly mags, Video Camera and Camcorder User offer good tips and often have good editorials.

I, my self, have learn quite a bit from reading these Mags over the years. And I'm now happy with the video work I'm producing and judging by sale so are my followers.

There is no easy way to learn, but if you show interest and are willing to learn and experiment, you'll soon begin to develop.

And with NLE and digital cameras available at affordable prices, it allows us all to compete and reach a higher level.

All the best.

Jim Bird.

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Thanks chaps