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Hello Everyone

its been quite a while since I've posted on here but I thought I would check to see if anyone knows of a good video tutorial source out there to step up my motion graphics game a bit.

I've used they are pretty good but the selection is limited
I've used also good but selection is limited.
I've been told to avoid "mac house video tutorials" like the plague ( due to
shady practices with your credit card information etc.

So that leaves me searching for a better source. Basically I am looking to improve on Motion and After Effects. I've just picked up Animation Master and could use some tutorials on that if anyone knows of any.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Have some freebies and often offer good deals on monthly access.

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Lynda for me as well, very good and reasonably priced. Pay your $25, take a month off and fill your head.

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videocopilot without fail.
It's free and you learn a vast amount around the outside of specific tutorials.

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Another thumbs up for VideoCopilot from me. But I'd also take another look at Creative Cow - I wouldn't call their stuff limited. Go check out Aharon Rabinowitz's tutorials - there are loads of them!

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You can also buy a months tuition from Total Training also for about $25 (They are excellent in their Video stuff also).

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Video Tutorials

Yeah...I just checked out a sample tutorial on Very cool site with a lot of useful information and the tuts are priced fairly. I was a little put off by the fact that the instructor admitted in his demo that he was 'new' to Motion and "only had it 3 days" hopefully I just misunderstood, I'll check it out more in detail.

Also, Creative Cow rocks, no doubt about it. I am just looking for some Motion tutorials that go a little more in depth than I found on the cow.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

P.S. is apparently a squatter site to detract from an FYI

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hiproductions wrote:
and the tuts are priced fairly.

you can watch them all free online, and save the .flv file to your drive, so no cost required.

new to motion? not surprised, since he is PC-based.