Virtual Green Screen? Motion Detection.

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I was thinking, Is there any software that records AND at the same time ONLY records motion, replacing the rest with green or blue! Does FREE software like this exist??? If it does can you tell me where I can download it from???

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I doubt there is any free
If there was Hollywood would use it rather than the very expensive system they use for greenscreen etc.

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Blue backdrop with vase of flowers in front.
Man walks past left to right.
You want to produce video file that shows the man but not the flowers?
If so, this is slightly differnt to blue screening and may be possible with something like (expensive) Adobe after effects by having a static reference frame.

Can you say a bit more about the project - is it movie related - or for security camera or for scientific project - also what level of quality is required?

I also don't expect a 'free' solution.

Probably I'm going off at a atangent here to what you want, but...
I am aware of cheap micro cameras that are motion sensitive and you can 'shade out' parts of the screen that aren't to be motion sensitive.
I am in process of 'road-testing' them for a freind of mine who imports them.


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AE will do this, to a degree. You need a locked-off shot of your actor performing against a static background, plus a reference shot of the empty background. You can then create a Difference Matte which compares the two layers and masks off the pixels that don't match. However, it will be hard to get a clean edge to your matte with this trick. It's best used AS WELL as a greenscreen to get a good result.