w-balancing to match cams

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A quick one -

given that a Sony PD170 is 'bluish' and a Canon XL1 'orangish' - i'm assuming I can colour balance the PD170 using a blueish card to make it match the Canon a little better.

(I'm aware a better method is to do it in post, and would find that quite easy, but this is just a 2nd cam job and I'm not involved in post on this one)

any suggestions as to the correct hue? anyone done anything like this?

Dave R Smith
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I would generate colour bars from the cameras menu system for a few seconds each time you change the lighting set up. (If outdoors changing all the time obviously).
A 'real' picture of test card including flesh tones would also help.

Even though you're not doing post and want to do a camera compensation - this will atleast keep your (and the editors) options open.

I also find differences when shooting on same equipment but different lenses (wise and normal), which i have to compensate for in post.

I follow your logic on the bluish card to compensate.
Can't say I've tried this approach, but suggest you test in for different likely 'natural' colours.
Flesh tones are most important, but are skies still blue, lawns still green and sand still 'golden'.

Whatever your decision I would get it agreed by the editor beforehand to cover yourself.

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i detect 'caution' in your answer - which is probably right - i don't have time to do the testing, so perhaps I'll leave it this time - however, if anyone else has actually done this - it's an ongoing issue for me, and, I'm sure for others too.