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Can anyone recommend a good web Host company that I can host my site from?

It's now getting to the point where I need a business host that can provide sufficient bandwidth and fast connections to cope with my traffic. At a sensible cost.

Any advice greatly appreciated............Neil

Neil Ashcroft
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I can recommend http://studentwebhosting.co.uk. They're not just for students and they are very reasonably priced (ie cheap!) with a good set of back-office tools. I had a site with them for just over a year and had no problems at all. They are also very helpful and quick if you need to contact them.

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I use ehosting for web stuff - not too expensive but good - loads of help - good capacity and bandwidth.

For my FTP stuff I have a dedicated Unix server with Donhost, bit pricy but fast as .... off a shovel!

Remember, if you are shifting or hosting fat video files, "resume" for uploads and downloads is important, stops having to restart after broken connections and the like.
Unix servers do this, but not Windows ones - beware cheap Windows based server systems if you need solid loading to and from your server. not funny having to re start a 750 Mb file transfer 5 times!


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been using them for years

very good deals too

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you won't beleive what you get, i have been using them for a year now

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