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I was approached today by a wedding band if i would be interested in producing a promo dvd for them to give to potential customers blah blah

anyone done this before and anyone got any idea's

,i have a few of my own and the band has a bit of an idea but anyonee want to throw in their 5 cents/pence worth.

baldy mick

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Ay ay Baldy,
I would suggest filming them perform with three or four cameras focussing on different aspects of their performance (close up faces, finger movements, wide shot, two shots/focus pulls etc.) and then cut it all together to fit a musical track they play. Get a good recording of their sound and try to show their range in a short space of time.
Interviews with the band members to show that they are reasonable people and not coke snorting maniacs may help them promote themselves also.

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Also - maybe get some comments from guests or brides and grooms.

Many bands already have a demo disc and if they know somebody who can do it, can make up a medley based on that.

i.e. they provide you with a CD that already is mixed/blended to show highlights of the music and they just mime to that. That way you don'r waste too much time.

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Joined: Apr 27 2001 shots, of course; but intercut with a some footage showing guests having a good time dancing to them...

If they have a decent (i.e. bright, moving, coloured) lighting rig, that will help - shoot directly into it.

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Wicked wrote:
Interviews with the band members to show that they are reasonable people and not coke snorting maniacs...

Unless of course they are!! :eek: :D

Be very careful about copyright, you could personally be held liable if you produce a demo for them and they are playing music that they are not licenced to play and/or distribute. I would suggest you ask them to play their own music in preference.