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A seed message welcoming you to our latest forum.
Bob C

Chris Walker
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Many thanks Bob for setting up this forum, I only hope it is as successful as the others. The responses so far seem to indicate this might be a popular site - let's hope so. Thanks again, Chris W.


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Hi Bob.
Great idea this Digital stills photography forum, I for one will certainly be visiting it quite frequently as I also have a great interest in Digi photography and have tried numorous different cams over the past couple of years. Maybe to start a thread going could anybody give a good reason why most digi cams eat batteries so rapidly, even rechargeable ones don't last very long, I know tft displays consume lots of power but that rule dosn't seem to apply to portable handheld telly's ??.
Keep up the good work Bob.

Regards Henry.

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Thanks for the quick response in setting up this forum. Now I shall learn even more from my daily visits.