Welcome to DVdoctor's Press releases forum - can I post here myself, though?

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Welcome to DVdoctor's press releases forum.

This is the place to look for early news on everything to do with video editing, DVD authoring, camcorders and all the associated hardware, software and peripherals.

We'll put up releases we receive as soon as it practical to do so - usually without comment or any significant editorialising.

As a trial - and with the intention of ensuring that information is placed here at the earliest opportunity - we also welcome the posting of releases by makers, distributors of products and services, and builders of computer systems, if these are directly related to the categories mentioned above.

If in doubt, please email a moderator before posting.

We do, though, reserve the right to edit postings to keep them to our style, to correct errors or omissions and to increase readability.

We will also remove without warning postings that are NOT relevant.

Know, too, that the "ordinary" members of these forums (not that there is ANYTHING ordinary about you good people!) do have the right to post here - either to place releases that they know will be of interest or to comment and make known their views about the information contain in press releases posted here.

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