What is the cause of this problem ?

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Hey guys,

Just recently my antivirus software noticed me that I had virus on my finepix F460 camera. It's something like I-Worm/Sohanad.G software.

Right after that, my camera had a problem. The photo taken is not clear at all. It's distorted with window blind effect (i.e. vertical shadow lines going through the image). I attached a sample image here:

Can anyone tell me the cause of this image problem? whether there is something wrong with the physical camera or by the virus? and how to fix it, please?\

thanks a bunch !

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The worm is sterile if it's on an XD card in your camera. It's a Malware virus, for info go HERE

You do need to remove it from your PC.

It looks more like a card fault, sometimes seen on cheap counterfeit cards bought via eBay. Usually a format 'in camera' cures it for a while, otherwise buy a new card.

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