What causes pip in poultry?

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Just watched the Paul Merton Documentary about early Hitchcock. Some brilliant insights into the film-making of the genius were spoiled, I felt, by the presence of Merton with his clumsy narration. (I also didn't rate his portrayal of Tony Hancock which simply emphasized Hancock's genius and Merton's acting shortfalls, rapier like wit though he undoubtedly has).

I thought that the explanations of the practical aspects of the film making were particularly interesting and seeing the use of some of the camera techniques used reminded me of how much influence he has had on modern directors. (That's Hitchcock not, err...)

Followed by one of my all time top films of all time, 'The 39 Steps' - a bit of comfort after 2 days in bed with some variant of 'flu, be it swine, normal or man...