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Christian Lett
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What kind of movies do you

a) Make (or attempt to make)?
b) Watch for enjoyment or inspiration?

I was just wondering what people who frequent this site like to use their video equipment for.

To get the ball rolling, I like (and would like) to make dramas, comedies, horror, etc. In other words, scripted movies (I'm calling them 'movies' here because 'films' tends to imply that they've been shot on film, not video).

Currently I'm working on writing a feature length comedy about two friends who are having a very bad day indeed.
This will be my first serious attempt at movie making (I don't really count 'Stung', a badly thought out monster movie spoof which didn't complete shooting - a logistical nightmare but an excellent learning experience in both direction and technical skills such as lighting, sound recording and post production).

I have also directed a rock video for a local band, a short kung-fu sequence (that was never supposed to be put on the web!) and am planning a couple of documentaries about friends' weddings next year.

When it comes to watching films, I like anything really, but my favourites include Alien, L.A. Confidential, Die Hard and Blade Runner.

So, that's enough about me. Don't be shy!


Christian J. Lett

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I mostly make weird SF movies and the odd documentary (e.g. http://www.unicorn.com/movies), but I also shoot a lot of other short movies for friends, one of which is apparently going to be in the Raindance Festival this year... assuming we can finish the edit tonight!

At the moment I'm also helping out with some camera-work on a low-budget DV feature which only has a few scenes left to go, and intending to shoot one of my own next summer... then if that works out a 35mm feature the next year.

Agree totally on the movie/film distinction!

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Main Man
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Christian, I am currantly working on a spooky "Movie" as part of my 2nd year college work. It is entitled "Tears Before Bedtime".It is about a babysitter encountering a few "weird" happenings. It will be finished within the next twelve weeks, so I will upload it in ReelVideo format for everybody to enjoy when finished.

Bet you can't wait, prepare to be scared,

Main Man

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a) SF, Avante Garde Docco, Music clips, anything that messes with you mind.

b) pretty much as above, all the better if the script is based on a Philip K. Dick story or H.P.Lovecraft. With some Wilhelm Reich thrown in for the orgone.

I despise soaps and cheap lifestyle programming (pets, hospitals, decorating, cooking etc etc.)

Adam & Joe rox

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Well you all must know what I do!
Download my Pop Video, blah blah blah.

Inspriation, really, MTV but also adverts.
It seems that the biggest effort/clip is
put into adverts. It's a bit sad but
playing some amazing clips frame by frame
really can give some good ideas.

Also, I dunno how many of you have DVD,
but I've got the SPAWN disk which has an
alternative audio track which is commentary
from the director et al. This is very
interesting, some good stories and they
explain some of the whys, hows and I
don't mind if I do about some of the
scenes. I'd recommend watching this if
you are interested in making movies.

I'm also quite into 3D graphics, the next
music video that I'm working on (1/3 of
the way there) is purely in 3D, so
watching BUGS LIFE is a very humbling

Fav films, hmm, always changing, but
off the top of my head -

Excalibur - Just simply the best story
ever. Some don't like the
acting in this, but I think
it's just great.

Hmm, is that it? I like most BIG films,
in a time where everywhere you look people
are cutting corners, trying do things
cheaper and cheaper at the price of quality
it is very pleasing to see the extravagance
of film production. It is one of my fears
for the future that film houses might turn
around one day and say 'hang on! this is
all a bit silly, from now on we are only
going to make $1 mil. dollar films'. I
hope I am wrong, for the short term I'm
sure I am. So whenever a film house makes
a $300 mil + picture I laugh quietly to
myself, or more of a pained grin if it's

Anyway, enough of these rants,

have fun,


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I am trying to create sports videos such as surfing, snowboarding and skatig videos. I'm currently using a Hi8 Sony TRV99E. I watch videos like the TB series, The End, The Show, Krusty Demons, Milk, etc... That's my inspiration.

I've got a question for everyone else, though. How do I get started into this carrer. At the moment I'm funding everything by myself. The quality of the editing is OK (for someone who has no formal training). I think I can start a company dedicated to these videos later on. How do I go about getting sponsorship? Do I make a video first and send it around or convince a company to sponsor me without seeing any of my work. I basically need high profile surfers, boarders and skaters to make a decent movie (because that's what I lack at the moment). Any help aprreciated!!!

Christian Lett
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Thanks for the replies, all!

If you buy TOTAL FILM magazine, they have a section called Independents Day (pun intended (what a crap film!)). If your movie is good enough (or if you think it is), send it to them or get them to do a column about the making of. When my movie is written and we start shooting, I'm going to tell them about it and hopefully get a small feature in the mag...

Free publicity!

Also, in this month's EMPIRE magazine, in honour of 'The Blair Witch Project', there's a competition to win a Panasonic DV camcorder. Send in a cool movie before (sometime in) December and the best one wins the camera. The best of the rest will be reviewed.



Christian J. Lett

Christian Lett After Effects and Maya Artist www.quarterlightpictures.com