What's worth reading now then?

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Gavin Gration
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I feel the need to read - usually in the bath, on trains or in hotel rooms (or any combination).

What (paper) magazines are others reading instead of CV?

Perhaps I should have said......Is Digit still crap?



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The magazines I subscribe/buy every month are:

PCPro (computing)
Focus (technology / science / etc )
Digital Photographer ( photoshop and canon eos support )

I don't buy anything to replace Computer Video , I honestly don't think there is anything.

I have bought individual issues of different video mags , but most annoy me when they have the same 30fps/25fps doesn't matter if we use USA reviews for European audience.

Gary MacKenzie

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Z Cheema
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i have not found anything that goes into the depth I like on the market, apart from New Scientist, so tend to read on the web transfer over to my Pocket Pc and use that.


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Same As It Ever Was! :(

Stuart B-M
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Professional Photographer

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Alan Roberts
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Zerb for professional cameramen.

Get my test cards document, and cards for 625, 525, 720 and 1080. Thanks to Gavin Gration for hosting them.
Camera settings documents are held by Daniel Browning and at the EBU
My book, 'Circles of Confusion' is available here.
Also EBU Tech.3335 tells how to test cameras, and R.118 tells how to use the results.

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Here's a URL for Zerb - which is published by the Guild of Television Cameramen (GTC).

Bob C

Gavin Gration
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Thanks all - I have a Showreel sub but suffer from withdrawal symptoms between issues ;) - will check out Zerb.

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I enjoyed the Tribe account

What's happened to the Tribe repeats, 3, then nothing


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i get irritated by Digit - and it's not really aimed at video - however, every issue it has something that's just enough to stop me phoning to cancel my subscription - when it does reviews, it does them really well - for example the last issue has a good review of just how 'integrated' the main video collection contenders really are. written by someone who clearly understood workflow issues. i'd recommend it.

for non-video stuff i read London Review of Books, and have a free subscription if anyone wants to pm me their address (it's just something they offer to subscribers, i have no connection with it). it's very academic, but often has astounding clarity and depth on a wide range of issues.

i should like Showreel, but don't. It has a 'mates' backslapping feel to it. and the quality is really variable.

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New Scientist
Sainsburys magazine as they have some really good recipes and I like cooking.
Regional Film and Video

I think Zerb has to be the most informative and it's a pity it isn't published more often.

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what's Zerb?

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Dumbing down dominates

The demise of CV Editing was a disaster. Nothing covers the topics with anywhere near the thoroughness.
I tried its replacement for 2 or perhaps 3 issues but abandoned it.

PC Pro has good sections for graphics topics which are well written and researched.

New Scientist is good reading but I have never found anything there remotely connected with Video Editing - the very thought!

I do much 3D semi VR and that is in a similar position. Dumbing down dominates (like that alliteration?!)

Shortly after the demise of Video Editing Bob Crabtree polled us on an online replacement. That has gone away it seems. But the pleasure of having a hard journal is that it can be read with the computers switched off over breakfast or late supper.

WHSmith is a much more dismal experience without CVE.

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I've only just bought DSL. Its use makes these forums a real pleasure. I no longer have to furtively scan through topics at speed to save my phone bills. It costs more than the magazines and phone bills did though. Still, the interaction of discussions seems to make it worthwhile on DV Doctor rather more than on Hexus. There is more open discussion on doing things with things than the actual things - if you see what I mean.

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I read "Outdoor Photography" as I like outdoor stuff, no video stuff
included in this mag, but lots of good outdoor pictures and it's informative
with regards to cameras, including digital ones.

Yes, Computer video magazine has no replament.

Jim Bird.

Colin Barrett
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Bruise (fancy seeing you here!) - I agree with your point about Showreel. I get the same feeling too - a bit too cliquey for me.


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Colin Barrett wrote:
....(fancy seeing you here!) ......

There's a lot of cross fertilisation, if you'll excuse the imagery that creates. :)

Martin - DVdoctor in moderation. Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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Magazines: used to be Sight & Sound but becomes a chore almost, in these time-strapped times.

currently most of my spare time on trains etc is watching movies on my Archos AV500. Beautiful screen, excellent clarity, and I have a collection of movies of vast proportions, esp World Cinema. Also watch / listen to a lot of directors' commentaries of same.
Was watching CHILDREN OF MEN yesterday, as much out of curiosity as for the famous cinematography.

reading tends to be books, esp auto bios/bios.

Oh, and I listen to a lot of podcasts, esp Marshill Church recently with Mark Driscoll. Awesome stuff.

I have found my magazines accumulate, and end up mostly unread in piles on the floor.

tom hardwick
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There's DVUser - the almost single-handed work of Nigel Cooper, and TVBay, a free mag that does have some good articles. Then there's the IOV's Focus magazine, and the IAC's Film and Video Maker. The latter's a goodie, but I would say that as they publish all of my articles.


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I find DVuser a great read and all credit to Nigel for his informative reviews. If I wasn't such a tight ar*e I would subscribe.
I think many of us mourn the demise of CV. Oh . . . the excitement when that used to hit WHS shelves. Though it doesn't seem too long ago, many of the reviews of the then ground breaking new products seem steam driven.

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