When is parcel tracking not tracking?

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Well, when you're stuck in the house waiting for a delivery courtesy of Parcel Force - that's when it's not tracking!
When I order something on line and it tells me I can track my delivery then that's what I expect. When, for example, I'm waiting for DPD to deliver then I can go online and I'll be given a 1 hour timeslot as to when they'll be knocking on my door, and what's more, by and large, that's when they arrive.
Oh woe betide if you're waiting for Parcel Force - their idea of tracking is to tell you it's on the van - end of. Deliveries will be between 7.00am and 5.50pm - not even a rough guess as to morning or afternoon. Can't even take the dog round the block!!
So, here's the warning, if you order on line and they tell you delivery is by Parcel Force then my advice is to tell them where to stick their order, unless you really enjoy spending your entire day waiting to be let out!!
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Re: When is parcel tracking not tracking?
Couldn't agree more!   LIving out in the wilds of Suffolk we depend a lot on parcel delivery and waiting in is one of the joys of country living!  
DPD isdefinitely the best - our local depot in Ipswich not only gives you a very accurate time slot but also the name of the driver and his mobile number - fantastic.
John Lewis also very good, they ring about 30 minutes beforehand to make sure you're in.  As for the rest, I'm afraid it's grin and bear it - tracking or not.