Which is the best, Buz, Studio 400 or DC10 plus

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WHich is the best

Iomega Buz £118
Studio 400 £159
DC 10 plus £195

for editing video footage, and recording back onto video tapes. And creating AVIs

MAny thanks


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The Studio 400 probably is not what you want as it is a linear system that controls the camcorder and vcr to edit tapes, it's ability to create AVIs is limited.

I'm no experience of the Buz, the DC10+ is very good but occationaly difficult to get working.
I'd also consider the Matrox Marvel which is in a similar price range

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Out of the three you've listed I'd go with the DC10+, thos BUZ is average and the Studio 400 is limited. However as with Pete I would advise you to consider the Marvel if you could do with a new graphics card, but the DC10+ is A1 if you're just looking for a stand-alone entry level capture card.