? which camcorder should I get!

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I have a hard time to decide which camcorder is best for my needs. I will use it for education and filmmaking. I will use my laptop that has Adobe Premeier 6.5. It will be possible to get DVD burner for future. I will like to use video and still pictures for web. Maybe someday I will like to transfer motion pictures to be shown in movie theaters.

I have found four camcorders are SONY TRV-27, SONY TRV50, SONY TRV950 and SONY VX2000. I am trying to break down to compare and which is most benfit to use everything what I will need and come out good quality.

From what I understand that TRV27 has small 30mm len. Is this big different than 37mm lens because both are Carl Zessis lens? It has video actual 690k for one 1/4.7 chip.(1070k gross pixels advanced had ccd. the highest is 1152 x 864 for still pix. I can find for about $750. It is very reasonable price.

From what I understand that TRV50 and TRV950 have small 37mm lens which is little better than 30mm. It is easier to get wide and telescope lens, I think. Both camcorders have pretty much have everything expect the TRV950 only has 3 CCD. I am sure that TRV50 is little better video quality and pictures than TRV27 because of 1/4 chip 1550k gross pixels advanced HAD CCD, Video Actual 970k and sightly little better picture 1.390k. I see not much different but it will cost about $500 dollars more than TRV27. What is advantage for blue tooth? I have heard many negative. Also all above do able to use for webstreaming like Netmeeting webcam. Is that right?

ALL above the camcorder does not have progressive scan. What is bad to have no progressive scan? I am concern about video editing and transfer to video and DVD.

The most expensive camcorder is SONY VX2000. It has most advance 3 1/3" 380k (total is 1140k, Am i right for total gross pixels?), has progressive scan, has 58mm len, zebra pattern, ( zebra pattern what it does? what is benfit for it?) I am not sure if this camcorder will give best picture 640 x480 than any TRV camcorders because it has 3 chips? I see this camcorder only offer640 x480 pixels for web. I am confuse that all TRV has beyond video actual and still actual than this poor quality video actual and still actual. WHY this build this way? Or Am I wrong that this camcorder still give better quality? I am looking at chip. It is advantage that this camcorder can be use mini DV tape or DVCAM tape to record. Are they obvious big different between the formats?

What about Canon GL2? I heard that it is true 30 feild per second and SONY does only have 15 feild per seconds. I am confuse that I read some articles. What are Canon GL@ and SONY VX2000 different and benfits? I am sure that All SONY gives better video, more natural looks, better lens, and more.

Please help me and find to narrow down the best choice for camcorder. I have put many days to research for which camcorder is best and yet i can not figure out yet. I was going to get Pansonic DV951 but I found out that has very poor lighting and smallest chips. I do not want to buy a mistake camcorder.

I used to have CANON A1 Digital high8mm camcorder. it was an excellent camcorder.

Thank you very much for reading my long letter and able to answer my questions. I know i have asked lot but I want to make sure I understand everything.


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The FAQ forum is the place where you look for the answers to frequently asked questions, not where you post queries.

I'm moving this thread to the AV Hardware forum where, hopefully, you'll get plenty of answers.

That said, the strong points of the TRV950, and the VX2000 (and possibly the TRV50) are already documented in that forum - you only need to search on the model number to find threads discussing these products.

Bob C