Why was ER not 16:9

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tom hardwick
Joined: Apr 8 1999

Why was ER not 16:9 this week? Anybody know what's going on? Watching it as it was transmitted - as 14:9 on a 4:3 TV, it just lookad as if lots of the picture was missing.


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Although I don't have an answer for you Tom, I would like to question anyone in the know why the BBC were transmitting several of the world cup matches in 16:9 even if it was filmed in 4:3. For people with 4:3 TVs with digital boxes that don't have a comb filter (i.e. they can only watch the digital terestrial channels, not the analogue equivilants) who have their box set to not overscan a 16:9 image, this meant they basically had a smaller 4:3 picture in the middle of their screen! OK, select overscan from the menu options and it stretches it out to fill the screen, but this can intro artifacts into the picture.

Come on Beeb, make up your mind, 16:9, 4:3 (or the appropriate cropping they do), but not both together


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Another question,....

I recorded "Saturday Kitchen" (BBC2 Sat am) for a friend and when I looked it over, the main broadcast was "normal" on my non widescreen TV but the inserted programmes were masked at the edges -

So i assume that the whole thing was done in widescreen and they are too lazy to resize thew older programmes so that they appear normal to non widescreen viewers?

Mark Dicker
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Auntie publishes "The Widescreen Book" available to it's producers and anyone else really, via their website.

The book contains their guidelines on 16:9, 4:3 and the reason much is transmitted in 14:9. It's worth a read.

Try a search for widescreen or guidelines on their site.


Mark Dicker