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Shaun Maguire
Joined: May 24 1999

Hi I would like to ask if anyone knows a way of converting a premiere project currently in noraml mode (4:3)to 16:9 widescreen or something close that would give the letterboxed effect.
System specs
P3 450 mhz
DV Rex M1
128 Ram
win 98
prem 6.0
I have Boris Fx and I know I could crop each clip but was hoping for a neater and faster solution.
Any help greatly appreciated

tom hardwick
Joined: Apr 8 1999

If I were you I'd not bother Shaun. There's not a 16:9 set made that won't allow you to stretch, distort, blow up, squeeze, black bar and generally molest your 4:3 footage. I'd say keep it in 4:3 mode (full resolution) and let those watching it on their widescreen set poke the remote to make it fill their screen.

If however you were going the other way I'd have thoughts for you. If you've shot 16:9 that you want to look normal on a 4:3 set then Premiere's filters (and lots of rendering time) will come to your rescue.


Alan Roberts at work
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I'm (as usual) with Tom on this. Your camcorder's 4:3 unless you spend an awful lot of money. So you best bet is to stay in 4:3 and edit in 4:3. But, if you expect your viewers to watch it on a 16:9 screen, then make sure that you "shoot and protect" 16:9. I.e. makes sure all your impoprtant action and content are within the middle 75% of image height. Then youi've got a 4:3 production atht doesn't loose anything important when the viewer crops it on the display, and you don't mess up the 4:3 pictures for the rest of us.

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If you still want to letterbox a video that is current 4:3 then you might want to try FilmFX plgIn for Premier, AE and more.

It let you change the croped area with time. This way you can change the viewable area to be on the action zone at all time.

Problem is that it's a 500$ PlugIn but it can do much much more things.

you can get a trial version from www.bigfx.com


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i dont know if this is any help to you http://www.mykaskin.freeserve.co.uk/myksvideopages/plugins.html

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That's the one I use! The 16:9 letterboxing filter is pretty good, certainly plenty good enough for making VHS copies, and it's hard to complain too much with a price of $0.00 .

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Shaun Maguire
Joined: May 24 1999

thanks everyone for the replies I am going to use the letter box filter.