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Ian Talbot
Joined: Dec 20 2001

Has anybody tried to load WinOnCD 5 or upgrade from 3.8?
I have asked Roxio if this version can be loaded onto an English system. The reply I got is as follows:-

thank you very much for your interest in our softwareproducts. Refering to our request we can give your the following information:

WinOnCD 5 again sets the standard in CD burning software, with many new features including Windows® XP support, Data OverSpan for automatic spanning of large files and filesets across multiple CDs, simplified VCD / S-VCD creation, a distributable VideoDisc Player for VCD playback on discs pre-mastered with WinOnCD, MP3 ripping and encoding, MP3 Album with HTML, VCD Slideshow and VCD Music Album for playback of hours of music and photos on compatible DVD players, royalty free video clips, advanced sound editing, audio player with cool visualizations, and more. WinOnCD supports virtually all standard CD-ROM formats and DVD premastering.

There is an upgrade available for customers of predecessant versions of WinOnCD 5.
In case you concern an update, please regard the fact that WinOnCD 5 is _only_ developed to be installed in german language, but not in any other.
Please contact the following adress:

Roxio Update Center
Postfach 3272
88114 Lindau/ Bodensee
Phone-Nr: +49 8382-2756-41
Fax-Nr: +49 8382-2756-42

Am I right in assuming that WinOnCD 5 does not support an English system?