Workaround for ASDL USB modem problem

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Just recieved an email from a colleague describing his experience setting up an ASDL line with a USB modem.

Although checking everything beforehand he came a cropper when he discovered the VIA chipset has - or can have- problems with self-powered USB devices like modems.

A quick search on the net suggested a BIOS flash may fix the problem, but as a workaround we've fitted a PCI USB card and plugged the modem into that, with great success.

I'm waiting for exact details of the chipset/modem combo and will post them when I get them.

Hope this helps someone

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This is pretty much standard advice - all of the people I know personally who have ADSL using a USB modem connected to PCs with VIA chipsets have had to put in a decent USB PCI card.

Oh, and, yes, I am among that number, too.

What would be VERY interesting is whether the Bios flash produces a cure - it's not done so anywhere I know of, but, of course, it would be nice if folk didn't have to pay out for a PCI USB card.

One point to note here for folk who are considering getting ADSL and do have PCs with VIA chipsets (other non-Intel chipsets can be problemmatic, too, by the way) - if your ISP offers you a choice of modem, it might end up cheaper buying a more expensive modem that connects to an Ethernet port, since, if you already have an ethernet card (and or an ethernet switch or hub), there's nothing more to buy.

Better still, internet connection sharing can usually be set up in such a way that no one PC needs to be switched on before others on the network can access the internet.

Bob C