Would fixing loud and distorted audio be possible?

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Hi guys!

My sister got married this very weekend, they had already hired a photographer so I thought of bringing my camera and trying to snatch a picture of her, anyway, and I ended up recording a song the broom sang that had some story regarding them both. Sadly I am not a professional and didn't realise that even though the video was looking fine, the loud music and close speakers would later destroy the audio's recording.

And that's the main reason for me being here, I can see that the song is there in its entirety and it sounds quite decently, but at some parts the audio is so loud it begins cracking and distorting a lot. Is there any way I could fix that/make it better in post? I know that sometimes the sound is completely lost, but I am truly hoping this not the case and that I can save a few parts of it at least (I do realise there's like 10 seconds that I can forget about having captured anything besides crackles e.g: minute ~1:20).

Thousands of thanks in advance!!! 

I just hope there's something I can do to improve the video.


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Re: Would fixing loud and distorted audio be possible?

my first suggestion would be to find the second guy who's onstage and see what his sound came out like.

the sound that you have is pretty distorted and won't really come back.

One other option would be to rerecord ( which destroys the spontaneity of the genuine recording) if the band are friends, they could listen to the original video and make a fresh recording of the backing, to which you could add your own voice.
then you'd need to lay it over the poor sound and get it to roughly synch.

Even as I type this, it sounds quite complicated to do if you aren't used to this sort of stuff and does destroy the whole charm of a rough video.

the second iPhone cameraman may well have better sound, even if it is quite drum heavy given his onstage position.